What to Pack for
an Overnight Stay

Our goal at K9 Country Club is to make your pet as comfortable as possible while you are away.

We have all the soft beds, cozy blankets, crates, bones, chews and toys needed to ensure your dog has a great stay.

These are the only items you need to bring from home:

  • Just enough of your pet's regular food to last through his/her stay with us.

    If your pet is finicky, please provide something special (such as canned food) to entice your pet to eat while staying with us.

    If your pet is staying with us more than five days, or if you are traveling far away and may be delayed on your return, it's a good idea to pack a few extra meals.

  • Any medications your pet is taking.

  • Any special treats your dog is accustomed to.

Of course, your dog should always arrive at K9 Country Club with a collar and leash, too.

That's it!

(Now you can spend more time packing things for your own trip)