Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your daycare program cost?

K9 Country Club's Daycare Deluxe program is $30 per day. Check out our Doggie Daycare page for more information about Doggie Daycare at K9 Country Club.

Why is your daycare program more expensive than others?

Our Daycare Deluxe program is the only program of its type offered in the Yakima Valley. With the specially-selected activities, individual attention, and our enequalled expertise in dog care, we believe our price fairly reflects the value of the service we provide. Think about it... if your dog spends eight hours with us, that's just $3.75 per hour! 

How much does it cost to board my dog?

Boarding at K9 Country Club costs $35 per night. If you pick up your dog after 9 a.m. on check-out day, a regular daycare fee will also be charged. Please visit our Boarding page for more information about our boarding facilities.

Why is boarding at K9 Country Club more expensive than other kennels?

Our goal is to ensure each dog enjoys a safe and happy experience at K9 Country Club. We do this by maintaining a clean and healthy environment and by providing regular opportunities for play, rest and interaction between our staff and the dogs in our care. With two licensed veterinary technicians on our staff, we do much more than kennel your dog while you are away — we provide the same type of loving care your dog receives from you at home. Visit our A Day at Camp page for a description of a typical day at K9 Country Club.

How far in advance should I call to schedule boarding?

K9 Country Club fills up quickly! Summer weekends between May and September are generally booked six weeks ahead. For boarding during the winter holidays (November through January) it's a good idea to schedule your dog's stay at least eight weeks in advance. At other times, three weeks is usually enough notice to book a space for your dog on most weekends.

Do you give any priority to regular customers?

Yes! We know it's not always possible to plan ahead for boarding. To help give our regular customers more flexibility and a better chance at securing a spot with us on busy holidays, we give our regular daycare dogs and frequent boarders priority when making boarding reservations up until three weeks prior to all holidays. When new or infrequent customers call to make a reservation on holiday weekends, they will go on a waiting list until the priority date has passed.

What should I bring when I drop off my dog for an overnight stay?

Please bring just enough of your dog's food, any medications, and any special treats your dog is used to. We provide all the bedding, blankets and bowls needed. Visit our What to Pack page for more information.

Why do I have to bring my dog's food when I board him?

A dog's stomach is sensitive to changes in his diet and environment. Providing your dog the same food he's used to at home helps prevent gastrointestinal problems while he's away from you.

What are your requirements?

All dogs at K9 Country Club must have current vaccinations, a yearly fecal screening, and topical flea and tick protection. All dogs must pass a socialization test. Please visit our Requirements page for more details.

Can I take a tour any time?

We are happy to provide tours of our facilities Monday through Friday between 9 and 11 a.m. or by appointment at other times. We do not allow any tours between 12 and 2 p.m. because the dogs are enjoying a snack and a nap during this much-needed quiet time.

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