May 3, 2019

Rate increases effective May 15

Most people today are feeling the effects of price increases, and with recent tax rate hikes, a higher minimum wage and the new sick leave pay requirements, many small businesses have been hit hard. K9 Country Club is no exception. Due to these increased costs, the following rate increases will be effective May 15, 2019.

  • Boarding: $40 per night

  • Boarding for dogs who require medication or have special feeding requirements: $45 per night

  • Boarding for puppies younger than nine months: $50 per night

  • Frontline applications: $20 each

Any unpaid boarding reservations already scheduled after May 15 will be charged at the new rate.

However, for our loyal customers, we are offering a limited number of 10-packs at the previous rate. That's $350 for 10 nights of boarding (a $50 savings).

Boarding purchased at this special rate must be used by December 31, 2019. Any unused nights will be credited toward the next scheduled boarding at the current rate.

This sale is available May 6 - 10. You can purchase your 10-pack by phone or in person when dropping off your dog. (If you call and leave a message, Laurie will call you back to confirm your purchase.)

Note: Many dogs enjoy a "yummy" at night. The cost for this treat will remain $3 per night.

Spring has sprung!

The pools are open and we're all enjoying the green grass, fresh air and sunshine. To keep things interesting, we are rearranging some of our play yards and have new activities planned for the dogs throughout the summer. We're also going back to basics and making sure all dogs remember their manners and can sit, come or wait when asked. It's all part of the enriching environment we strive to provide for your dogs every day.


  • We usually keep the parking lot entry gate closed until 4:00 each day. If you need to pick up your dog before 4:00, please let us know when you drop off in the morning - otherwise, the gate may be closed when you arrive.

  • Our current daycare dogs and frequent boarders have priority when making reservations for boarding. If you have travel plans and have not yet made your boarding reservations, please give us a call.

Plan ahead...

K9 will be closed for daycare on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27 and closed for boarding on Thursday, July 4.

Important safety information for our daycare clients

We really appreciate how our daycare clients wait their turn when entering or leaving the daycare building. We appreciate the patience of the little dog parents while waiting for us to retrieve their dogs at go-home time. In addition to working on manners for all dogs, we are working with some of our reactive dogs (meaning they react to certain stimulus in a fearful or anxious way) to lessen their reactivity. This is a very slow process, and for every 100 "atta-boys" it only takes one "oops" to undo our hard work.

If you are in the parking lot waiting your turn to pick up your dog and we ask you to return to your car briefly, there is a reason behind that request. We have several dogs that do not care for men, hats, glasses, etc. While we appreciate that you say, "Oh, it's OK…" when a dog is reacting strongly, we really DO need you to do as asked, as it is in the best interest of the dog.

Also, if you enter the daycare building and there is a dog waiting to go out or go home, PLEASE do not interact with that dog, even if you know the dog. There are instances when several people come at the same time and we are scurrying about, trying to move dogs. When you interact with a dog, whether you know the dog or not, you can disrupt our efforts and the calm environment we are trying to achieve.

We realize it is very hard to pass up petting or talking to those sweet faces!! Just know that it is in the best interest of the dogs! They get lots of pets and love while they are here, as we treat them as our own. We also realize we have many "rules" and we REALLY appreciate your attention to this one!!

Thank you for being part of the K9 family!
We're glad you're here!

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