August 10, 2017

New payment processing system

We are excited to announce we have a new payment processing system. Here's what is new for you:

1) Payments will be processed during the first week of each month. The new system is more automated and will help us keep on schedule with processing payments each month.

2) If we have your current email address on file, you will automatically receive an electronic receipt when your payment is processed. If you want to receive a receipt, please ensure we have your current email address on file.

3) We will no longer produce payment reminder slips each month. If you would still like to receive a reminder slip, please let Laurie know.

We appreciate your help with making our new payment processing system work smoothly.

Is your email address current?

The next time you drop off or pick up your dog, please check the list in the daycare building to confirm if we have the right email address for you. If your email or mailing address changes, please let us know as soon as possible. Thanks!

No boarding Sep. 30 to Oct. 1

Laurie is attending the Pacific Northwest Veterinary Conference in Seattle, September 30 through October 1. Please make a note that K9 Country Club will be closed for boarding that weekend.

Is your dog a distraction?

Washington's new distracted-driving law makes it a primary offense to use handheld electronic devices while driving, which means drivers can now be pulled over and ticketed for the offense without committing any other traffic violation. The law also includes penalties for non-electronic distractions such as eating or drinking, applying mascara, or having a dog on your lap. If you are pulled over for a separate violation, you can now receive an extra $99 penalty if you were observed committing one of these secondary offenses.

Besides putting you at risk for a traffic ticket, letting your dog run loose in the car puts you both in danger on the road. Even if your dog isn't the cause of an accident, your unsecured dog can be thrown from your vehicle if a collision occurs. Many pets are lost or killed this way each year, and pet rescue sites are full of the heartbreaking stories of owners searching for their pets after an auto accident. Your unsecured dog can also make it difficult or impossible for rescue workers to help you quickly if your frightened dog tries to bite the rescue workers, or runs away when they approach the car.

For your safety, and your dog's, please consider investing in a pet carrier or harness to keep your dog safe while traveling in the car. It could save you a traffic ticket, or it could save your life.

Luau party in September

We don't want our luau party to be as hot as a volcano, so we're planning to celebrate summer Hawaiian-style in September. Our luau party will feature special games, photos, and tasty treats for everyone. Watch for more information and sign-up sheets in the daycare building and K9 office.

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