March 1, 2017

Dreaming of Spring?

We sure are!

It's been a long hard winter for everybody.
We appreciate everyone's flexibility and understanding as we've dealt with all the snow, ice and flooding at K9 Country Club.

Spring weather will be here soon, and we'll all be smiling!

Plan ahead...

K9 Country Club will be closed on Saturday, May 13 and Sunday, May 14, 2017. We will not be accepting any dogs for boarding that weekend.

Plan WAY ahead...

For those who schedule things a year in advance, please make a note that K9 Country Club will be closed for boarding from January 27 through February 4, 2018. Laurie gets to go on a vacation!

Please keep vaccinations current

We appreciate your cooperation with keeping your dog's vaccinations current. For all dogs at K9 Country Club we require a Bordetella booster every six months and a yearly fecal screening that includes testing for Giardia. All dogs are also required to have current rabies, distemper and parvo vaccinations. For dogs who travel out of the area, we require the CIV vaccination series.

If you are unsure of your dog's vaccination status, please check with your veterinarian. And any time your dog receives a required vaccination, please make sure we receive a record showing the date of the vaccination — either from you or your veterinarian's office. Thank you!

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