October 4, 2014

Millie wants to let everyone know that the dreaded canine cough, or "kennel cough," is rearing its ugly head in the Yakima Valley. We have received word that a facility in town has had some incidence of it.

As always, we ask that you keep your ears open for any kind of cough from your dog. The cough can start as a mild "huffing" sound that might not cause you any concern, but then it can develop into a deep, persistent cough.

As you know, we do not "share" dogs with any other facilities, to help prevent kennel cough from coming our way! If you go to the "dog park" or other events or areas populated by dogs, please keep an ear out for the cough as well, and if you hear a dog coughing, run like the wind!

Kennel cough is extremely contagious and is easily spread by dogs interacting in groups. The incubation period for kennel cough is three to 10 days. Most dogs recover in about three weeks, but it's important to contact your veterinarian to determine whether antibiotics are needed and to keep your dog home while he or she is contagious.

And as we have always advised, a dog vaccinated for kennel cough is not totally protected for EVERYTHING that will cause a cough. Many different pathogens are responsible for coughs in dogs, including mycoplasmas and viral or bacterial organisms. If you are one of those with inquiring minds, do a Google search for CIRD (Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease) in dogs. If you aren't, then take our word for it... just because your dog is vaccinated for Bordetella does not mean he or she is fully protected from everything.

IF your dog coughs, or you hear something you are unsure about, please call us before bringing your dog to K9 Country Club.

Thank you!

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