March 1, 2014

Two quick announcements...

K9 is on Facebook!

K9 Country Club now has a Facebook page. We hope you Like it!

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Daycare Games... Week 2

K9 Scores!

K9 Country Club is one of 31 daycare centers and more than 190 handlers in the United States competing in the Daycare Olympics. This week, our very own Laurie and Rachel are at the top of the scoreboard!

In the "Group Sit" event last week, here's how K9 scored:

• Laurie, advanced handler: Gold Medal - 20 dogs, 4 seconds

• Melissa, advanced handler: Gold medal - 10 dogs, 4 seconds

• Rachel, intermediate handler: Gold medal - 15 dogs, 4 seconds

• Nancy, intermediate handler: Bronze medal - 3 dogs, 4 seconds

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